Outdoor Charity Event Rentals for 5k Fundraisers

5k fundraisers have gained immense popularity as a means to unite communities and support charitable causes. Taking these events outdoors adds an extra layer of excitement, providing participants with the opportunity to relish the fresh air and scenic surroundings while engaging in physical activity. To improve your event, Classic Tents & Events proudly offers charity event rentals, assisting you in crafting an unforgettable experience. In addition to ensuring the safety of both participants and spectators.

Check-In Tents & Race Paths

A Check-In Tent is the first point of contact for 5k participants, where they can register and pick up race packets. As well as collect event merchandise like t-shirts and medals, and receive goodies from event sponsors. We offer solutions to enhance organization and crowd control, such as the setup of tents and barricades for entrances. With clearly established queues, guests will benefit from a smooth check-in process that sets the tone for a well-organized event.

Similarly, creating or designating a race track is essential, unless your event takes place along an existing, clearly marked pathway. Metal barricades are equally effective for framing the path, especially if it follows roadways. This measure will help establish an easy-to-follow path, as well as assist in maintaining the safety of athletes, spectators, and pedestrians alike.

medical tent for running race

Volunteer & Medical Tents

Volunteers are indispensable for the success of any fundraiser, playing a pivotal role in its execution. Establishing a dedicated space where volunteers and event planners can convene for assignments is vital, facilitating seamless coordination and effective delegation. Alongside, a medical tent serves as a crucial safety measure, offering athletes a place to address injuries. To address temperature-related concerns, Classic Tents & Events provides fans and heaters as necessary. With the infrastructure to support these critical aspects, we ensure a safe and well-coordinated event.

Designated Food & Dining Tents

Food and beverages on-site enhance the overall event experience, especially for hungry and thirsty runners. Our Marquee Tents are an excellent option for events featuring multiple vendors, providing each with their own space to cook and serve guests. If requested by vendors, we are also happy to provide catering equipment rentals – grills, cooktops, and more. To accompany on-site food and beverage services, we highly recommend large dining tents outfitted with tables, chairs, and trash cans. These will contribute to a more organized and clean event space, in addition to dispersing foot traffic away from the busy race path.

event food tent

Event Cleanliness & Restrooms

Cleanliness is a large contributing factor in the success of any event. Classic Tents & Events offers a range of charity event rentals to ensure a safe event. Starting with restroom trailers equipped with water and climate control. These can be paired with sanitation stations, strategically placed in dining areas alongside trash cans. We also recommend the inclusion of fire extinguishers, especially if vendors will be using equipment with an open flame. Finally, our inventory includes orange cones, effective for parking areas and crowd control efforts.

Hosting a 5k fundraiser outdoors is a fantastic way to bring communities together for a good cause. Classic Tents & Events is proud to provide a range of charity event rentals that will improve the organization, safety, and overall experience of your event. Reach out today to work with a member of our sales team to plan a successful nonprofit fundraiser!

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