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With over twenty years and thousands of events under our belt, Classic Tents & Events has the experience and know-how to match your event to the right tent. We offer a variety of tent types and sizes as well as washing and storage solutions that ensure sparkling clean equipment, custom to your needs.

  • Frame Tents

    Frame tents are the Swiss Army knives of tents. Available in multiple sizes they work well for a variety of events & set-ups. These tents are great for temporary storage (available long term!) as well as film productions.

  • Pole Tents

    Ideal for large gatherings and field set-ups, pole tents are your classic big tops. With a classic, recognizable profile, clients love them for weddings & galas. We also now offer Sailcloth Pole Tents to give your special event an extra special style.

  • Structure Tents

    These tents allow for the largest square footage and have high height clearance allowing for larger structures underneath. With a big visual impact, this tent is ideal as the central gathering point of your event. Our inventory also included clear top structure tents for natural light and a spacious feel.

  • Marquee Tents

    Our go-to for fairs and festivals, marquee tents are great for walkways and covering long, narrow stretches for vendor booths. And remember, while based in Atlanta, GA, the Classic Tents & Events team serves festivals with marquee tents across the Southeast.

  • Sailcloth Tents

    Crafted from the same durable material used in sailboat sails, the translucent fabric allows natural light to filter through. With an open-sided design, this style offers the perfect balance of shade and ventilation.

  • Tent Accessories

    Beyond setting up a tent, there are various ways to create a safe and cozy environment for your guests including flooring, lighting, covered walkways and climate control. Check out our in-stock upgrades for tents that can be used to custom our tents to your exact needs.

All of our tents can and have been used for all types of events. Ultimately, the right tent will depend on your unique set-up  as our team considers the ground type, size of event, location & what the tent is being used for to match you with your perfect Classic Tent. One of the perks of working with a pro team like Classic Tents & Events is having a partner to make sure every detail, including the type of tent is right for you.

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